UNR Undergraduate Research Program

UNR Undergraduate Research Program

Program Type: Higher Education

Being involved in research, scholarship and creative activity outside of the classroom not only offers a unique way to explore your interests, but will help prepare you for the highly competitive job market. Undergraduate students’ exposure to these opportunities is generally very limited. Having research experience will give you an edge in your career field or in your pursuit of a graduate degree, an option you may not have even considered before.
Doing research doesn’t only mean working in a lab, it can be anything from a photographic analysis of a changing landscape over time to studying salt-loving plants to improve crop production in marginal lands. Whether your interests are in the arts, sciences, journalism, education or another field, our office is here to help you expand your experience while at the University.






Qualification 1

UNR Student

Qualification 2

Other requirements may apply

Open Dates


This is an ongoing program, that currently does not have an expiration date.