STEM Demonstrations

STEM Demonstrations

Program Type: K-12 Elementary School

The Center for Energy Research team at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas has created solar-based kits designed to teach students about engineering, solar energy, and science. Our team would like to provide your students with the opportunity to use these educational kits and learn about the different ways that solar energy can be used.

We have a simple Fan & Light Kit designed to power fans and lightbulbs with a photovoltaic panel, a student-assembled Off-Grid Kit designed to power a battery that in return can power anything with a plug or USB, a student-assembled Water Heater Kit designed to heat up water through solar thermal energy, and a solar cell audio kit to learn the concepts of making circuits, converting light waves to electric waves and sound waves. This kit will show the students how sound is created and magnified by converting electric energy to light energy and then to sound waves.






Qualification 1

Fan & light kit recommended for grades k-5

Qualification 2

Off-grid kit recommended for grades 6-8

Qualification 3

Solar water heater kit recommended for grades 9-12

Additional Qualifications

Solar cell audio kit recommended for grades 9-12

Registration & Cost


Teachers are asked to fill out an application. After applying, the Outreach Coordinator will contact you to set up a school visit or live remote session and determine the appropriate equipment to work with.


These educational solar energy kits are at no cost to teachers or schools!!

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