SkyBot Engineering & Business Innovation Challenge

SkyBot Engineering & Business Innovation Challenge

Program Type: K-12 High School

Skybot Engineering & Business Innovation Challenge (SEBIC) mission is to promote the enhancement of public knowledge and the inspiration of academic acceleration students at all levels of education through outreach programs that inspire, inform, enlighten, and achieve the necessary levels of STEM principals and practical application that help propel the United States to world leadership in robotics and UAS fields.






Qualification 1

Minimum number of participants in each team is 4, maximum is 8

Qualification 2

All students must pass the Skybot Safety and Pilot Training Course

Qualification 3

Mentor is not required but is highly recommended

Open Dates


This is an ongoing program, that currently does not have an expiration date.

Registration & Cost


School Sign Up: $50.00Team Sign-Up: $50.00Skybot Build Kit: $450.00Skybot Add-On Vehicle: $180.00Skybot Trainer: $90.00