Mojave Agriculture Science Academy at Mojave High School

Mojave Agriculture Science Academy at Mojave High School

Program Type: K-12 High School

M.A.S.A is a rigorous applied science program that instructs students about plants, food production, floral design, greenhouse management, animals, natural resources, nutrition and much more. Throughout the program students are also taught a wide variety of employable skills, including but not limited to verbal and written communications skills, leadership skills, and management/technology skills for future internships and possible employment.

Agricultural Science Education uses a three-circle model of instruction. These models are classroom and laboratory instruction, and experiential learning. The successful integration of each of these three components with the handson teaching model results in a strong program that produces well rounded individuals who are prepared to be leaders in agriculture, business, and all professional industries.






Qualification 1

Student must meet the minimum qualifying criteria to be considered in the lottery process.

If there are more qualified applicants than there are available seats, a computerized lottery will be used to select students.

Open Dates


This is an ongoing program, that currently does not have an expiration date.

Registration & Cost


Deadlines for applications for the following school year:
January 9th at 3:00 pm