John C. Vanderburg Rainforest Biosphere

John C. Vanderburg Rainforest Biosphere

Program Type: K-12 Elementary School

The Rainforest Biosphere is a 3,200 -square-foot ecosystem representing the Amazon Rainforest. The students at Vanderburg have taken advantage of the hands-on environment to study the rain forest and its inhabitants. Teachers have developed curriculum for all of the key biosphere areas, the Mayan temple, the rain forest environment complete with vegetation, live animals, bones and an archaeology dig sites, an amphitheater, computer lab, and “grow” lab with plants and the students can work with and take home in recycled pots.

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Barbara Simms


Phone: (702) 799-0540


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Vanderburg Elementary School
2040 Desert Shadow Trail
Henderson, NV 89012
(702)799-0540 ext. 4007