Advanced Technologies Academy

Advanced Technologies Academy

Program Type: K-12 High School

Advanced Technologies Academy is one of Clark County School District’s Magnet/CTA Schools. The Advanced Technologies Academy mission is to empower a diverse student body to succeed in a competitive world by promoting academic concepts, technological skills, and ethical behavior. It’s curricular areas offer a culture of technology in both the core and program area classes and its mission is to empower a diverse student body by teaching the academic concepts and technological skills necessary to empower students to succeed in a highly competitive, technologically changing world. A-TECH students embark on a learning experience designed to maximize opportunity and potential. This high-achieving, Blue Ribbon school offers academic distinction and technological excellence to those who choose one of its eight college-preparatory programs.






Qualification 1

Student must meet the minimum qualifying criteria to be considered in the lottery process.

If there are more qualified applicants than there are available seats, a computerized lottery will be used to select students.

Open Dates


This is an ongoing program, that currently does not have an expiration date.

Registration & Cost


Deadlines for applications for the following school year:
January 9th at 3:00 pm

Contact Info

Tammy Hadlock